An evaluation of your processes or impact will help you to learn, adapt and make better choices for your charity, foundation or community programme.


Renaisi’s approach to evaluation is grounded in the practical reality of working in and with communities. We have been delivering employment and community programmes for over 20 years, which gives us a unique insight into what it takes to help people and places to thrive.

This experience informs our approach to evaluation. It means the process and the output of your evaluation will be both practical and usable, and the final report will be suitable for your intended audiences – whether that is your funder, the board or your programmes team.


We have evaluated organisations and programmes from across the social sector but we have particularly deep experience of evaluating funding programmes (eg for The National Lottery Community Fund, City Bridge Trust, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation), services for young people and families and programmes of employment, arts & culture, community regeneration or social action.

What we do

First, we will work with you to understand what you need from an evaluation project. Once we understand what questions should be answered through the evaluation, we will identify the appropriate methods to help answer those questions.

We use mixed methods (quantitative and qualitative) and we’re not afraid to be creative or try something new to suit your project. Once we’ve agreed on the most suitable methods, we’ll build a team with the right skill set and expertise for you.

The team we put together will understand the subtleties of your work and will be sensitive to the needs and preferences of your participants.

Impact evaluation to evidence, learn and improve

An impact evaluation doesn’t just meet funder needs, it can help you to learn and improve your services. A Renaisi impact evaluation will help you to understand the whole story, the nuances of multi-site delivery or beneficiary needs, while demonstrating the value of your work to others.

Process evaluation to understand where value is created

By identifying the parts of your model – staff, skills, services or relationships – that are crucial for growth and impact we can provide practical recommendations and build the systems, that help you to improve projects, programmes and organisational approaches.

Developmental evaluations for fast and flexible testing and learning

For organisations that seek to adapt and learn in real time a developmental evaluation provides rapid feedback, collaborative methods, lots of testing and learning, and a critical friend to help you develop as you learn.

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