Neighbourhood regeneration

Creating thriving neighbourhoods

Renaisi has over 20 years’ experience of neighbourhood and estate-based regeneration, working with some of the most marginalised and disadvantaged communities across the country.

The cornerstone of our work is designing and delivering programmes to help improve the lives and prospects of local people, as well as transforming the physical environment itself. This includes early area-based programmes, such as City Challenge, SRB and New Deal for Communities (NDC) through to Local Trust’s current Big Local  programme. Renaisi continues to support a wide range of stakeholders – most notably schools, community partnerships, housing associations, local authorities and large private sector organisations.

Our approach


We believe that community approaches are at the heart of successful regeneration. Our experience of working in areas of persistent deprivation across the UK has shown that successful neighbourhood regeneration can only occur when programmes and projects are firmly rooted in, and owned by, the local community. Interventions need to be integrated and long-term, and as our model of neighbourhood regeneration, below, shows – it has to involve:


the fabric of neighbourhoods and planning the physical environment to include a mix of uses and making them more sustainable, better designed and well connected


local communities and businesses by connecting them to wider employment and economic opportunity and encouraging enterprise and inward investment


the quality of life in neighbourhoods by making them more attractive and better managed

Our experience of doing regeneration around the UK has taught us a lot about what works and what doesn’t. We believe the essential foundations for future successful, sustainable neighbourhood regeneration are:

  • a locally-owned, realistic vision – you need a vision of the future that everyone can sign up to and that can drive change
  • community involvement and leadership – the local must  understand, unearth, enable and implement  their ideas and solutions
  • effective community partnerships to drive change – creating the right partnerships between local agencies, the local community and public, voluntary and private sectors is critical to securing additional resource and effort
  • building capacity and sharing learning – securing long-term gains cannot be achieved without effective capacity building and opportunities for peer-to-peer learning
  • long-term commitment and focus – it’s a battle and never finished – turning around the fortunes of deprived communities takes a considerable amount of time and investment
  • sustaining change into the future ­- building capacity, social capital and resilience into the future to ensure a sustainable legacy for communities
  • effective marketing and publicity – communicating more widely and effectively with the community is an essential component of neighbourhood renewal
  • making money work harder – leveraging in long-term sustainable funding through donations from individuals and the private and public sectors.

Our services

Nieghbourhood regeneration profiling and mapping

Neighbourhood profiling and mapping


Fully understanding the social, economic and environmental characteristics and dynamics of neighbourhoods is critical for sustainable interventions. Our team of regeneration specialists includes experts in planning policy, GIS, housing, local economic development, and employment and skills and provides:

  • Neighbourhood and ward profiles and maps
  • Skills and labour market analysis
  • Commercial workspace studies
  • Local economic assessments
Nieghbourhood regeneration plans and strategies

Neighbourhood and regeneration plans and strategies

We support areas and our clients to create strategies for change that are ambitious and realistic. Too often regeneration strategies and planning documents prioritise the physical aspects of regeneration. Whilst this is important, our understanding of local social and economic dynamics of neighbourhoods and how these relate to the physical form can add considerable value to neighbourhood and regeneration plans, and ensure that local people have maximum access to local opportunities.

  • Developing neighbourhood plans and long-term visions
  • Contributing socio-economic aspects to neighbourhood masterplans
  • Local economic development and inward investment strategies
  • Employment and skills strategies and delivery
  • Neighbourhood consultation and community engagement strategies
  • Place marketing and communications proposals
Nieghbourhood regeneration community empowerment

Sustaining and empowering neighbourhoods

To create vibrant and resilient communities, it is essential that local people have genuine influence and a stake in their neighbourhoods. Encouraging and enabling residents to contribute their ideas and solutions in the long-term development and stewardship of neighbourhoods is an area where we have considerable expertise, this includes:

  • Establishing community partnerships and enterprises
  • Capacity building, training and learning
  • Conflict resolution and management
  • Business planning and social investment
  • Asset transfer and community ownership models

Neighbourhood regeneration community involvement

Community involvement


Involving communities in decision making has always been an important aspect of all our work, and is more important now than ever. We have considerable experience and a dedicated in-house team that blends expertise in communications, community engagement, neighbourhood regeneration and research to create genuinely bespoke campaigns that meaningfully engage local people. This includes:

  • Communications strategies
  • Production of publicity materials, newsletters, public art
  • Translations and bilingual support services
  • Event management
  • Consultation and engagement strategies and delivery

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