Renaisi is learning partner for Spirit of 2012

Renaisi is delighted to be Spirit of 2012’s external learning partner for the next three years.

The London 2012 legacy charity funds arts and sports projects that foster greater community cohesion, empower those who are most under-served and challenge perceptions of disability.

Renaisi will work with Spirit and its grant-funded partners to build on their first summative evaluation, published in 2017, and to better understand the collective impact of its grant awards up to summer 2022. Amy Finch, Spirit’s Head of Programmes, says:

“We looked for a collaborative, curious evaluator who will help us deepen our understanding of what works – and what doesn’t – in improving wellbeing, social connectedness and perceptions of disability through our funding. Renaisi fit the bill on all counts, and we’re really looking forward to starting work with them. I’m particularly excited that this contract sets some of the funding aside so that we can explore interesting themes that emerge over the course of the three years.”

This learning partnership will provide the funding sector with insight into successful, impactful grant-making, and will inform Spirit’s future funding strategy.

Read the full story on the Spirit of 2012 website.


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