• Sophia Ahmed

    I am an Employment Adviser on the Journey2Work employment programme […]

  • Sue Hanlon

    I am the Programme Administrator for the Southwark Works employment […]

  • Dionne Hermitt

    I am an Employment Adviser on the Services team at […]

  • Bill Anderson

    I am a Programme Manager for the Journey2Work employment contract.

  • Deborah Searchwell

    I am a Training Manager for the Services team at Renaisi. […]

  • Sabina Dewfield

    I am a project officer at Renaisi, working in the […]

  • Ibrahim Hersi

    As a growth caseworker, I help identify barriers my clients […]

  • Namita Paul

    I’m a Growth Caseworker here at Renaisi. My experience and […]

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    A new strategy for Renaisi Over the past nine months, […]

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    What does it take to improve a place? An essay […]