Building trust among mothers in their children’s schools

Our accessible, sociable English learning activities helped mums from non-EU countries to get involved in their children’s schools


Client: Greater London Authority


The challenge

The Greater London Authority (GLA) wanted to support London schools to get mothers from non-EU countries involved in their children’s schools. Its aim was to enable them to support their child’s learning through better understanding of the education and learning culture of London’s schools.

Called ‘English: the Key to Integration in London’, the GLA programme also hoped to bolster school support to parents with innovative ways of supporting English learning.

Our approach

Renaisi responded with ‘Mothers Together in Schools’, a vibrant learning programme for parents.

Our aim was to create exciting, inclusive opportunities for mothers to learn and build confidence in enjoyable way. Including one-to-one bilingual advice surgeries, targeted ESOL lessons, family learning workshops and group outings, the programme involved three primary schools in Westminster and five primary schools in Lewisham. 125 women attended the ESOL courses, with an additional 29 women benefitting from project workshops and one-to-one advice sessions.


The project had a big impact with mums. Many expressed interest in continuing the project next  year. They told us that after the programme, they felt more confident in going into schools, engaging with school staff and exploring expectations around educational achievement. What’s more, several schools hoped to welcome us back.

“This project has been very popular with our parents and we have had a number of enquiries from people asking if there is going to be another project next term. We hope that this project will be able to continue for the benefit of our parents”

Valarie Williams, Community Worker and Pastoral Support Manager, Childeric Primary School