Supporting Enfield Council to deliver its flagship £3.5bn regeneration programme: Meridian Water

We’re helping Enfield Council to develop a regeneration strategy for its ambitious new development that will create thousands of jobs for local people

Client: Enfield Council


The challenge

Meridian Water is a transformational £3.5bn new development that is bringing innovation and opportunity to Enfield. Encompassing 85 hectares of land (around the same size as 110 football pitches), it will bring 10,000 new homes and 6,700 permanent jobs to the area over 20 years, along with new community facilities and a rail station with upgraded transport links.

Meridian Water is being delivered by Enfield Council and their newly appointed master developer. Renaisi have supported Enfield in key aspects of planning delivery at Meridian Water, including:

  • Managing the development of a regeneration strategy for Meridian Water
  • Securing Housing Zone status, and £33m of support, for the adjacent Edmonton area
  • Advising on how best to maximise community benefit, including construction skills provision, in the redevelopment of Meridian Water

The work on the regeneration strategy was underpinned by our management of a programme of community engagement to ensure residents could participate in the opportunity. This included scoping a built environment training centre to provide job opportunities to local residents, which we followed up with a further report on options for how this could be delivered. Renaisi staff also supported work on securing enlarged space for local workspace schemes and community gardening projects. These are all key features in the strategy’s aim to move Edmonton out of the top 10% most deprived wards nationally.

Our approach

Two Renaisi staff were embedded within Enfield Council, enabling us to have full access to all council systems, with these staff supplemented by specialists from the Renaisi team. Local engagement in the regeneration strategy was achieved through running a series of  workshops with the local community with information presented in an accessible way. This was supported by ongoing engagement to keep everyone updated on the project’s progress and gain their views on design developments.

Alongside these activities, Renaisi specialists provided advice on the invitation to tender requirements regarding community benefit. This was supplemented by a report on options to deliver a training centre, based on targeted research and our own delivery experience, that would help secure construction job opportunities for Enfield residents.


The council has secured significant commitments from the master developer to deliver community benefit through the 20-year redevelopment period of Meridian Water. Our work on the Built Environment Training Centre is forming the basis of plans for how local residents will be supported to access the significant number of construction job opportunities over the period.

Additionally, our staff helped the council secure Housing Zone status, and a package of £33 million financial support, for an adjacent residential area in Edmonton. This will raise the status of the area, support the delivery of affordable housing and increase the speed of development.

This project demonstrates our ability to work within council systems, understand local needs and create compelling bids for investment as part of large redevelopment projects.