Working collaboratively to increase school places

Our team of interims successfully balanced multiple stakeholder needs to deliver a major school expansion programme

Interim management Enfield schools expansion programme

Client: Enfield Council


The challenge

Enfield Council’s ambitious schools expansion programme aims to address the considerable challenge facing London: the need to find school places for the city’s rapidly-increasing population. With an investment of over £60m, the council is committed to providing more new places for children in the areas in which they are most needed by 2018.

Our approach

Renaisi provided the key roles of Programme Director, Programme Manager and Stakeholder Manager to deliver over £90 million of capital works across a number of school projects.

We took a multi-disciplinary approach to delivery, with a mix of external consultants and council professional staff. Our work involved engaging with a wide range of stakeholders, including developers, architects, school staff and local families. Our engagement activities included doorstep consultations with residents to explore their views and get buy-in to the programme.

We also drew on the support of our marketing team to help communicate the benefits to residents in an engaging way. The SUCCEED campaign, which included a dedicated microsite and colour supplement, celebrated the achievements of Enfield’s schools, pupils and families.


With our support, the council has succeeded in delivering its statutory duty to provide schools places for residents. In addition, thanks to increase school capacity, parents have more choice when making decisions about which school is best for their children. Many schools now have improved infrastructure and facilities, providing better environments in which to learn.