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Finding rewarding work isn’t always easy – especially when you’ve been unemployed for a while. But at Renaisi, we help hundreds of people find lasting employment every year. So we know what it takes.

Whether it’s building your confidence, advice with money and debt issues, or just sharpening up your interview skills – our advisers will give you the support you need. And our services are completely free.

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Our promise to you

  • We will always treat you with respect, kindness and courtesy
  • Everyone has potential – we’ll work with you to fulfil yours
  • We will never judge you on your employment history, education or abilities
  • We will do all we can to help you find the job that’s right for you
  • We’ll never give up on you

Our programmes


If you join one of our programmes, you’ll get a dedicated adviser. They will listen to you, find out about your needs, and provide support that is tailored to your circumstances to help you find the right job. This includes:

  • Access to a wide range of job opportunities
  • Help overcoming barriers such as debt or housing issues
  • Creating a CV that helps you stand out
  • Improving your skills and confidence through a range of training courses
  • Increasing your employability with assisted job search and interview techniques
  • Advice on becoming you own boss through self-employment options

Find out more about our programmes below.

Meet our team

Our centres


We have two employment and training centres in London. Our South London services are based in  Lambeth, with Hackney home to our East London services. Each centre is equipped with IT facilities, refreshment stations, break-out areas and training venues.

East London Centre

Second floor, Haggerston Community Centre, 8 Lovelace Street, London, E8 4FF
Phone: 020 3146 3030

South London Centre

Unit 13, The Stableyard, Broomgrove Road, London, SW9 9TL
Phone: 020 3418 0420

Your questions answered


Are your services free?

Our services are free to most people. If you’re not sure if you’re eligible, get in touch.

What support will I get to find a job?

You’ll get a dedicated adviser who’ll be with you at every step on your journey into work. As well as identifying any training needs you might have – including literacy and numeracy, self-employment or confidence-building – they’ll assist you with housing and benefit issues, help you write your CV, get prepared for interview and help you find vacancies. You’ll also be able use our computers to search for jobs.

What happens when I find a job?

Our support doesn’t end there. Once you start work, your adviser will keep in touch with you regularly to provide any help you might need. This includes advice on applying for in-work and housing benefit and managing your money.

What kinds of jobs can I get?

We’ve helped people into hundred of different jobs. These include sales and customer services roles in national retailers, such as TK Maxx, careers in construction, cleaning, catering and administration. We’ve also helped people set up their own businesses – including in catering and painting and decorating.

I want to use your services! How do I get started?

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What do people say about us?

“I’m very happy Monique has helped me find a job and say a big thank you for what she has done for me”

Claire, West London

“I just wanted to say how supportive the staff at Renaisi have been in difficult times of long-term unemployment. The staff have been friendly and supportive in all that they do”

Kevin, West London

“Friendly, helpful and informative staff. Secured me a job at M & S and also Game Ltd. I had not been employed for 7 years prior to this. Will defo come in again if unemployed”

Customer, East London

“Excellent services. Friendly staff. Excellent access to PCs. Peaceful environment”

Zion, East London

“Your staff work really hard and should be credited and rewarded for showing empathy and understanding”

Customer, South London

“Just to say thank you to Mo and the team. Very supportive and helpful service, friendly staff, warm atmosphere. Thank you”

Customer, South London

Contact us


You can get in touch with us at the following details below or by filling in the form below.

Email: employment@renaisi.com

East London Office Phone: 020 3146 3030

South London Office Phone: 020 3418 0420



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