Local government and interim management

Improving places and
opportunities for residents


Renaisi’s interim management and consultancy services give councils the capacity and expertise to get results.

We have over 20 years of experience of managing multi-million-pound place-based and social programmes – so we have the expertise and people to ensure local authorities achieve their economic and social goals.

As a social enterprise on a mission to help people and places to thrive, we don’t seek high profit margins to pay off share-holders – this means our day rates are highly competitive, ensuring councils get great value.


Our approach


We are flexible, designing bespoke models that reflect local circumstances and needs. Unlike the big consultancies, we never impose systems and approaches


We can call on a range of experienced staff or associates, to put project or programme teams together  quickly. This means delivery begins straight away


We equip our teams with the tools they need to get results in local authority settings. This includes approaches to partnership development, project appraisals, programme and project management, cost and business modelling, health and safety, governance, report writing and presentation skills


We deliver frontline services ourselves, so we know what it takes to ensure they succeed. Our advice is based on first-hand experience of managing services that deliver results in a cost effective way

Our services


Interim management


We specialise in cross-cutting issues that affect delivery in public sector environments. This includes stakeholder interests, planning requirements, funding streams, governance, procurement, market conditions, and delivery business models.

We know local government: we grew out of Hackney Council in 1998 and our staff have held senior positions across a number of London boroughs. This means we recruit interims who we know can support local authorities to overcome the issues they face. Our reputation as the leading regeneration specialist in London means we attract the very best candidates in the field – from recent graduates to senior experts with many years’ experience. Our clients can also access the additional skills on offer from our wide network of trusted practitioners.

We support local authorities in two ways:

•    Managing and delivering time-limited programmes, where you lack available or suitable in-house resources
•    Providing mid-level and senior posts (Heads of Service and above) during periods of change or up until implementation of a restructure

Renaisi interim management

How we provide value for money


We’re a social enterprise, so we’re motivated by creating social value – not profit for shareholders. This means we offer competitive day rates.  And when you take into account agency finding fees, advertising, staff turnover, sickness and annual leave, training costs, benefits, redeployment and restructuring – our interims can be more cost-effective than direct employment in the right circumstances, particularly for time limited projects and programmes.


Creating big, positive change for people and places is as important to us as it is to you. We specialise in economic development, housing, capital programmes and communications. We know what drives local economic growth and the best ways of ensuring that local people benefit from its opportunities – including access to jobs. Our expertise comes from years of delivering place-based programmes and our current work on the ground, providing employment and training services. This means that we will give you practical recommendations you can implement quickly and efficiently to bring about change.

Rather than imposing a standard approach, we’re flexible, crafting a methodology to meet each new challenge, local needs and circumstances. And if your needs require expertise outside our core skillset, our standing in the sector ensures we are able to bring in leading specialists.

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