Research and learning

Learning what works

To improve services and support for communities, organisations need to learn. About what works and why. About how to measure impact and where value is created. And about how to make better choices.

Our approach to research enables organistions to do this. We place their most important assets – the people that work for and with them – at the centre of our work. This means listening to learn from their expertise and experience. And importantly, staying with them to put learning into practice.

Our approach


Our team’s personalities define our approach. We’re empathetic and analytical people. We have backgrounds in social policy, gender, criminology, behavioural science and public policy, but we’ve also worked providing frontline services to vulnerable and disadvantaged people. We’re expert in person-centred, qualitative approaches.

We work with organisations to understand what they need from a project, design the most suitable research methods, and build a team with the most appropriate skill set. We use quantitative measures and metrics, behavioural science, grounded theory and participative approaches.

Process & value creation

Our greatest strength is understanding where value is created, and building systems that help you to recreate it. This means identifying the parts of your model – staff, skills, services or relationships – that are crucial for growth and impact.

Development & collaboration

Not all services are ready for standard evaluation. Some – particularly those that adapt and disrupt – never will be.

They need rapid feedback, collaborative methods, lots of testing and learning, and building measurement frameworks that flex with projects.

Impact & measurement

Impact measures are important for funders and decision-makers. They don’t tell the whole story about your organisation. But they do help you to improve your services and demonstrate the value of your work to others.

Meet our team

Our  research


We don’t just talk about how to do great research: we do it ourselves.

Our frontline teams provide support to the long-term unemployed and to migrant families. Our research is aimed at strengthening these services by harnessing the insights of our staff and clients. It also increases the evidence base and provides practical learning for those who share our mission.

You can see examples of our own research below.

Our projects

Our  clients